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NaPoWriMo 2018: day 25

the rains that came  caused fog and gray  and the glowing lights  twinkled brightly
Here's the thing with NaPoWriMo: I don't like every poem. I write and I edit, but days where the poem is just a bitty thing happen. Like today. Blah. It's a moment in time and that's OK for the poem today. That's what I wrote. 
And then there's gift poems. 
Gift poems are fantastic and I love them and I'm happy to get them. 
I write more little moment poems and lots of it don't work at all poems in hopes of getting gift poems. 
But really, the best thing is the poems that make me work. Poems I need to hone my language for, poems that require extra thought. And it's been awhile since that kind of poem has come to me. And that's OK. 
I'll wait, poeming. 
I trust the poeming is doing what needs to be done. 
(Ebb and flow. I trust ebb and flow.)
(And some days I need to remind myself I trust the ebb and flow.)

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