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diy moisturizing bath bombs

I've been making my own epsom bath salts for years and years, but I only made my first batch of bath bombs (aka bath fizzies) last November. 
(never had the citric acid before then. amazon prime, ftw!)
that first batch was OK. they didn't hold together all that tightly, but they smelled divine (my normal pick a bunch of scents that go together and blend by nose works like a charm every time). 
I guess I followed a different recipe this time (or my winging it worked even better than it had before). I think I  used about the same amount of oil overall (but more of it was shea butter) and added epsom salt this time and the mixture held together splendidly! 
I was sort of trying to recreate my favorite lush bath bomb, big blue. (only more moisturizing, and without the blue coloring and seaweed strands - which are annoying to clean out of the tub.)
lush describes the predominant scents as lavendar and lemon, but it also has some other essential oils for sure. (I forgot to add a b…

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