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awe and planning for our sabbatical year

today during our date day, M and I managed to block out a revised outline of our traveling plans for our amazing semi-nomadic sabbatical year. 
(we start in late July/ August.)
we're doing our international traveling in the middle (AUS/ NZ in Dec/Jan) and at the end (the UK and Israel, if we can swing it, for R's bar mitzvah), instead of putting it first. which might mean scaling back on the international travel, if we fall too far behind budget. or getting to go even more places, if we stick to our budget.
this is the most practical way of doing this, because those travels aren't as necessary for M's sabbatical project. but they're places we want to go and explore and we want to make it happen, so I think we will. that's what we do. having those places as "stretch goals" will be very motivational.
it also worked out the best, in terms of "chasing good weather."
we talked more about the car. I think we'll go test drive a prius v. sometime thi…

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