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troubleshooting win because the world is too painful

the world is too much today. 
(february is the month I was held hostage during an attempted robbery. gun violence is so very triggering. I have to shelter myself from the latest mass shooting today, so I'm writing about something completely superfluous and shallow. it doesn't mean I don't care; it means I care too much. the only way we can end these massacres is through gun control. call your representatives.)
so because I can't deal with Facebook today, I decided to try the best new feature on my new (refurbished*) smart watch: playing spotify!
(music is calming and so very helpful.)
wait, let's back up, because I never told you I was buying a new smart watch. (I hinted at it last week, but that's not the same.)
since February is already stressful enough for me (the beginning of the month is the anniversary of my miscarriage), and researching electronic gadgets is somewhat calming, I've spent the last two weeks looking at smart watches. at first I was looking t…

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