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trust: added value

I've been trying to keep this blog as an archive, which works best when I write every day. (The past six and a half months have been spotty, since I needed a break after the year-of-blogging-every-day 365 project, which was very intense.)

And I've been wanting to share my thoughts with the world about our travels and that also works best when I write every day.

I've been wanting to add in some monetization, so that I can feel like I'm contributing to my family. (In ways other than the obvious, and emotionally and physically huge, "I do a lot of the daily kid stuff and family working things.") My husband has started joking again about, "when you sell your movie script, we can..." And yes, I have the time (and sometimes the energy) to start thinking about things like that again.

Really what it comes down to is what is valued? Is my writing valued? Are my photographs valued? What do I value? My writing? My photographs? My art? My time?

I know my intri…

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