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"its the end of the world as we know it (and I feel fine)"

castle ruins remind me that life is impermanent. dandelions remind me that life is regenerative. 

everything falls apart. 
everything is seemingly falling apart faster and with greater urgency and apocalyptic doom at the moment, politically and socially speaking. 
(the moment being the last five or ten years.)
the news from the USA is a trash fire. we left a month ago and it scares me how much more might fall apart in the next month before we return. how many states have seemingly out of the blue passed extremely restrictive anti-abortion radically fascist anti-personal-liberty (and dangerously misogynistic) laws? I've almost lost count. 
it's all so triggering, as someone who has had an abortion. I didn't make that decision lightly and I grieve for my waterbaby, but it was absolutely the right decision. 
and as someone who also had a second trimester miscarriage - when these States are looking at making even first trimester miscarriages somehow illegal - it's even more trig…

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