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thoughts on rewatching six feet under


afraid of our fragility we hold love too delicately these imperfect mortal selves always five minutes from death
afraid of our fragility we hold love too intensely these superstitious desirings always five minutes, five more minutes please, thank you, thank you, thank you, please
afraid of our fragility and our stubborn human needs we're too delicate or too intense never just right, always imperfect five minutes from an end that will arrive we have no idea when or where or how or why
afraid of our fragility
and fear is totally normal we're so delicate and can be intense and just right, or not, this moment is as it is, five or more minutes from the unseen end except until it's already behind us and only those we left grieving might know how the end came for us and where and why or when

we've been rewatching Six Feet Under and whew, that's sparkling a lot of healing for me right now. I've been reminded of  just how muc…

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