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catching up

we saw the waterworld show for the first time!
right now, we're in Southern California for a month (because there are many, many influential psychologists down here for M to interview).

and while M works, R and I are binging on theme parks.

this was my plan for this leg of our trip, because Disneyland is my happy place. and Universal comes a close second. I didn't realize when I made this plan how much I would need to be at my happy places, but we're here and I do and so it is mostly good.

(I'm still having a hard time, emotionally, but spring is coming. spring is coming.)

the first week we were down here, we were located halfway between Santa Barbara and Hollywood, so I bought R and I memberships to Universal, thinking we'd go at least four times.

another first: the stunt show at Universal!
(spoiler alert: we went three times that first week and have been twice since then for a total of five times now and there's a week left of being here - we may go again, w…

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