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introducing my patreon!

yes, I finally took the plunge and created my own Patreon page!!!!

(and then promptly had a fit of post creation shame/ a vulnerability hangover about it, started writing this post and then didn't get back to it for a whole week. sigh.)

here's what I'm doing on Patreon, for now:

* at the basic $1 a month level, I'll be posting some of my writing solely on Patreon. I expect that it will include things like poetry, musings on this semi-nomadic traveling life (especially planning issues which can't go out to the general public) and maybe all the kvetching that I don't like to do here. travel life isn't 24/7 bliss, after all. it's life, traveling. good, bad, ugly, blissful.

I'll continue writing here and on Facebook/Instagram, this will be yet another stream of my writing.

(I'll may re-release this Patreon writing after the sabbatical year has ended. possibly as a book. we'll see.)

* for higher monetary levels, there will be physical rewards!


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