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(coming home to) sakura

it's been harder to adjust back to late winter/ early spring than I thought it would be.

(oh, summer. I miss you!)

it's been a very gray, rainy week but today the sun is shining and the sky is blue, so I took a short photo walk.

next week we'll be in Southern California, and I am looking forward to going to the theme parks with R.

(I've decided Disneyland is my happy place. but I'll happily go to Universal Studios, too.)

it's possible I picked up some crud on the plane. or maybe it really is this gray weather malaise. who knows. I'm mostly looking forward to packing on Sunday because I think we'll finally be able to consolidate the kitchen box into something more manageable.

(I'm thinking that would be a good use for my old suitcase, which I replaced before we went to AUS/ NZ.)

I love the rain, but rain and cold and gray and malaise = me not having much energy at all this week, which hasn't been the most fun thing in the world.

packing has to g…

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