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trust: using your oars to get through the doldrums

there are days that serve as resets. days that serve as filling the cup. days that serve as reservoirs.

and then there are the days when try as you might, self-care as hard as you can, it feels like there will never be a reset or a full cup or a reservoirs, ever again.

there are days when there is adventure. days that fill up with delightful conversation. days that bring new knowledge and fun times.

and then there are the days when it feels like there will never be another adventure, never be more delightful conversations, new knowledge or fun times.

there is ebb, there is flow. and then there are the doldrums.

in a doldrum, you have to make your own wave - use your oars.

(creativity, passion, fun, adventure.)

there will always be another wave around the corner. ebb and flow are constants. doldrums happen, too, but ebb and flow continue around them. it may be further away than you originally estimated, but you keep going and you'll find the next wave.

(I am not making this up, th…

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