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monday morning musings

* the supermarket we went to last night was the biggest singular grocery store I have ever been in. it was Costco size (or bigger - seemed bigger) but without any clothing or non-food merchandise, aside from what normal grocery stores carry.

there was a whole freezer aisle of just frozen pizza, plus one extra half row. plus two different sections of gluten free pizza. this was the one downside of this humongous sized store: it was not very well organized, with multiple gluten free sections scattered everywhere, plus some things being housed next to the regular gluten-full counterparts, too.

still. I counted at least eight different kinds of gluten free ravioli. and in total there were probably well over 20 different types of gluten free pizza. there was a plethora of choice. it was fantastic.

* there's a poke place that delivers and has gluten free options near us. um... whoa.

(not sure how I feel about poke this far away from the ocean, but I mean, whoa. especially whoa that the…

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