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trust: the unfolding adjustments of life on the road

each time we move, we have to readjust.

and this year, we are in almost constant motion: from one place to the next. maybe staying in one spot for a week, maybe for two weeks.

(we were in the Boston area for a very long time, but we still moved around.)

and each place, we have to readjust.

we unpack. make the space our own. find places to grocery shop and (safely, for me) eat. figure out the patterns of our days.

in this place we're currently at, in Montreal, we do not have a television to hook our Roku up to, so we are playing many more games (and M is working much more than usual).

we also don't need to use the car to get around, which is one aspect of city living that I have particularly missed. walking to the grocery store. walking to restaurants. walking for fun.

each place has it's pluses and minuses.

in New Hampshire, we did so many outdoor-nature things. here, we're outdoors, but it is all urban.

(trees vs graffiti. neither wins. I love them both.)

this is the…

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