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the eighth day of Hanukkah: wholeness

the light has reached its fullness
and we witnessed the miracle of ourselves
kindling the flames of our wholeness

we are loved and loving and love
we are blessed and blessing and bliss
we are healed and healing and whole


on this last day of Hanukkah (the day before the day before the first day of 2020!) I offer one final poeming to accompany the art I made from the lights of my hanukkiah.

(it took me all day to write this, because of starting and stopping and editing and continuing to write because I had a lot to say! by the time you read this, it won't be Hanukkah anymore, but that's ok. it was written on the last day of Hanukkah.)

Hanukkah isn't a big holiday in Judaism, but it's taken on a lot of additional symbolism, because of its timing (near the solstice, aka the longest night of the year in the northern hemisphere) and use as Christmas gift exchange replacement in American Jewish culture.

I'd rather think about Hanukkah metaphorically …

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