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gratitude for the care and maintenance of personal boundaries

today I'm feeling so grateful to my past self for learning how to create boundaries
and I'm feeling even more grateful to my past self for learning how to maintain those boundaries, even when my boundaries were (un)intentionally loosened, because it's in the remembering and reasserting of the boundary that the real work lies. 
(this is a totally different example of remembering my boundaries, but it's relevant. remembering is a big part of the process.)
thank you, thank you, thank you. 
I'm thinking about boundaries because of a dream I had last night, which I promptly forgot. 
and I'm thinking about boundaries because of losing a friend that I wish (in retrospect) I had had clearer boundaries with. 
and I'm thinking about boundaries because one of my personal boundaries is in helping myself limit my social anxiety and I needed to work on remembering how to do that this week. (ugh, replaying conversations in my head, over and over, not cool …

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