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connecting our own hearts we unravel trauma we remember love ________________
today I turned 45. it's been a low key but good birthday. a middle of the week birthday. a "watch the Mandalorian and coo at the baby" birthday. a "be excited about my birthday adventure that's coming" birthday. a gentle, things I want to do when I want to do them birthday. 
I got a lavender tea kettle from my love which matches the lavender and teal travel mug bought for myself. 
I made this poem/ art.  ________________
normally around my birthday I figure out my word of the year. I'm pretty sure I have already, but I want to take a few more days to make sure. 
the word of the year is a practice I take mostly from Susannah Conway, who also does a December Reflectons prompt list. I'm once again mostly posting my responses to that on Instagram/FB but yesterday's is here, in the above poem/ art. 
and it's a triple answer (because it's a triple exposure and because that's…

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