Came across a great quote today at

"We never say three times a day, in the Shema: ‘Hear, O Israel, God is perfect!' Rather we say: ‘Hear, O Israel, God is One!' One God means: No one is ever alone." ~ Abraham Joshua Heschel.

comes to me with three threads -- first, I've always maintained G-d couldn't be perfect, it just isn't possible. second, I'm currently in the middle of a great book on the subject of not feeling alone: Soul Prints (Rabbi Marc Gaffni). third: well, my dog is sitting vigil at my back door because a stray kitty keeps wanting to come inside, and he is ready for a game of chase-the-kitty:-) He's always ready for that! But I'm ready to adopt the silly kitty, since it's been returning to my doorstep for awhile, regardless of the fact that Pint is always wanting to chase it. Doesn't that fortell something?

No one is ever alone....