Ugh! Well, I certainly have created a large amount of work for myself tomorrow -- we're switching my office with the master bedroom. This was M's idea, actualy, because he would like a "cozier" bedroom. Ahhh... sounds nest-y. I agree. we really could use a nice nest type of room, since we don't put furniture in our bedroom (other than end tables. I need someplace to put my inhaler!)

Also gots to call for insurance quotes and cancel the cable. Isn't this more a to-do list than a blog? Yup! At least I got my trip to ikea finally and YES! I got a new desk -- yayyyy!! which I will set up tomorrow in my new office. A computer desk and a writing table, both for less than a big desk would cost me. And a new bookshelf since I am ALWAYS running out of shelf space. I fear even this one will not stem the tide for long.

And I culled books when we moved, too. There's just some I can't get rid of...

So much for my to-do list. It'll be a full thursday for me:-)