well, the bookshelf is up and *just about* holds all my poetry/fiction/drama/creativity books. I've had to stack some on the top shelf (at about eye level for me when I'm sitting in a chair -- I bought a small bookshelf!): the writer's markets I collect (poet's, full and novek & short story) plus the dictionary (a writer's best friend) and my friend Gayle Brandeis' book _Fruitflesh_ which is just incredible. such a good resource for quick poem ideas. Plus, the cover is art, and can't we all use more art?

That and the phone, and a tiny corner of my office is set up compltely! Next comes the desk -- I'm expecting that to be a bit bigger project, so I'm taking a breather...

"Oh baby, baby it's a wild world..." man, I love Cat Stevens! I hope he's filled with peace right now. It couldn't be easy being a Muslim convert these days in the States (maybe he's in the Middle East?) Peace and blessings to all my muslim and muslima cousins... may this world be redeemed and may our family be whole once more, speedlily and in my day!

Shabbat Shalom!