Yipee... started a new (paper) journal today! It took me over a year to finish the last one, and I'm sure I never would have if it weren't for Nicole and her LifeMakeover list giving me a kick in the butt!

This one is an "artsy" one (the first time I've ever used a journal with quotes and pictures already in it) from Brush Dance (love that company, ya'll!) It contains (Buddhist) quotes from Stephan Levine. Seemed like the right moment for that journal to come off the shelf! I still have 2 others waiting... (people gift me with journals all the time:-)

I am so glad we didn't watch Dubya's press conference last night -- from all accounts, it was as horrid as the last one! Instead, we watched Best In Show on DVD for the umpteenth time -- man, is that movie funny!

And I was wrong about the Sopranos... it's on tuesday in Canada. Mike is so much better at remembering these things than I am!

Happy Purim, ya'll! Remember the message -- fight for Justice! Wage peace.... light a candle in your window to tell the world you are on the side of the light. Blessings to all who wage peace!