oh the weather is crazy.... totally schizo!

Started out today hotter than it has been (sunny, blue skies, heat -- a perfect dream to me! But PInter wanted me to carry him home after we got to the mailboxes on our walk... he's such a baby! But he'll get used to the heat again...)

then shazbot! it started thundering this afternoon (for a sec, I thought someone was banging around on the walls of my house... wouldn't be that weird, considering the neighbors... but they weren't home, I checked...) then wham bam, rain just poured out of the sky. I had to stand at the window and watch, but also comfort Pint by crawling under my desk periodically where he's holed himself up to pet him and offer mommily comfort. Poor little guy hates the thunder, and at some points the rain on the roof was also scaring him!

All this alternated with periods of less clouds and no rain... no rain right this second, but I wouldn't be surprised if the sky opened up again!