A prayer for peace:
Alexis Yael [first draft, written on-line after finally seeing the bus that was suicide bombed in Israel this week. I hadn't wanted to see the picture, because I knew it would be devestating to me... but how much more devestating to the people who were riding to school or to work and never made their destination? Let's all pray for peace again...]

Just once, let's stop. Stop
worrying about who started
it, or who's had more casulties.
Death is death to everyone,
final and gory. A bomb doesn't
choose who will live and who will die:
Jew and Muslim, it's all the same
to the bombs in this world.
G-d told us to chose life,
that we might live,
and it would be a mitzvah
if all the Jews in the world
said right now, "War ends
with me right now. Fuck retaliation!"
But all the Muslims must say this too.
And the Christians, Hindus, Buddhists.
Everyone must agree to let it end now.
Peace is the only answer.
How long can we stand to watch
blown up buses in the streets?
How long can we pretend not to notice
the children being bombed
in Israel's assignation attempts.
Hamas is a bad word in my house, too,
but killing children is even worse.
And this poem may not be very good,
but it is coming at you straight from my heart...
my apple-heart* that if it could
would shatter just to sow the seeds
of peace in this world.

[This is a poetic reference to Nazim Hikmet, the great Turkish poet -- if you have not read his poems, why would you be reading my crappy ass poem? Read his poems instead, they are brilliant and beatiful and filled with truth that transcends religion, politics, national affiliation and gender... ]