Alrighty, back from the Hamptons and mostly the house is looking great -- still have a bit of laundry to do (OK, tons) but I think it will mostly get done tonight during TV time (TV is a natural timer, isn't it?)

Other things to get done later: make fliers for my new class, develope head shots Sara took in the Hamptons, send bio to my new studio. Also, I'd like to take the frigging pile by the door to the freaking good will, ya know?

And sort through the bedroom -- I think that is just about the only room in the house that isn't quite stabalized yet. (I finally sorted out the front hall shelf today:-D ) the bathroom's great, the kitchen too. And the Living room is mostly fabulous (though I must add that the paintings still need to be put up!)

Anyway, it'll get done. For now I'm just really glad to be home, cause I like it here so much!!!