Egads, why am I trying so hard to not sweep the hardwood floors today? Oh yeah, because I let it go too long before doing it... yikes, I got to start making this a regular habit.

Check out if you want to see what I mean. (But don't believe the hype -- you don't actually need to wear shoes to get your house looking good! Blech, shoes suck. There's no way in h-e-double-l I would wear shoes *in my house*! My poor feet like to be free... ) Fly lady hs kida helped me not be such a slob. And since we moved, I don't feel overwhelmed with housework, either. Except this sweeping/dustmopping the floors bit. Which is actually kinda fun, but I have no energy today...

Ahhhh, that's what it is - I'm having a low energy day! Alrighty, we know the way to fix that -- pump up the tunes, and just do it! (Gotsta love that Nike slogan, even if I've never bought a single product of their's ever!!!)

Carpe Diem!!!!!