My step mil, Vicki just sent me the nicest email:) Anyway, the header was "blood, schmud!" I thought that was very apt.

Anyway, progress report of the day is: brown spotting continues. My temps have been slowly but steadily going down. I am quite sure at this point that I am not pregnant and that this was a "real" period. Oh well.

Like I wrote back to Vicki (and a bunch of other kind folks) now that I know I'm probably not going to have a summer baby, I'm perfectly fine waiting to see when this baby *does* want to be born. Summer seemed so perfect (at the time): healthier baby, more opportunities to show off a huge pregnant belly!

Oh well. I am really taking this in stride.

It's especially easy, as right now I am mostly obsessing over the upcoming Lord of the Rings installment -- the last, Return of the King (which is going to have all my faborite parts from the book of Two Towers in it, like Shelob and Sam taking the burden).

Anyway, like I told another friend today, I am feeling very geeky this week, in the absolute best possible way! (We just got the extended edition of TT this weekend and it is better than I imagined it would be!!!)