Period arrived today. (It's sad if you think that's TMI, btw.)

I have mixed feelings... it means I will most likely not be having a summer baby. Otoh, since I started temping three days ago, it means I will be more aware of when I *do* ovulate, and thus, more likely to not have to deal with the limbo I've been in for 4-5 weeks again! So, that is a huge plus.

Plus, I decided that if I wasn't pregnant, I would dye my hair blue again... so there! I know Mike would rather see it another color, but I've been drawn to being blue again for a little while -- my inner mermaid expressing herself:)

The big down side of one's period, tho, has always been the ubiquitus cramps! A pox on them and all their kin (i.e., headaches, neckaches etc...) Got to get out the trusty heating pad and call my best friend and kvetch -- yeah, that always helps:)

It's getting late in CA, tho... better call now...