Before we go any further, you should know that I think meta-blogging is the schiznit.

That's blogging about blogging. In other words talking about how I'm going to talk to you. It's pretentious and post-modern and totally overdone and I still love it. Sorry. I started blogging way back in good old 2002, so maybe I'm entitled?

Another thing you might might be wondering before we get this party started (oh, Pink. What happened, girlfriend????) is, "What is wabi sabi?"

So glad you asked! Wabi sabi is a Japanese term which is usually translated to mean something along the lines of "finding beauty in imperfection." Wabi sabi has become my life calling, that finding beauty in the imperfect. I write (sometimes) on another blog called Wabi Sabi Mamas where my friend Heidi and relate to the imperfection of our beautiful lives, as moms.

My reenvisioning of this blog came out of a friend calling my attention to the hammock that hangs on my back porch. It's the place where my family hangs out most of the time, when the weather is mild enough (we live in the deep south, so the weather's pretty great most of the year).

Our hammock started off shiny and bright in strands of vibrant purple, yellow, green and orange and blue but after three hard years of constant use is now weathered and worn and faded to the point where the yellow and the orange look almost the same.

In fact, Remy tore a hole through the bottom at one point last winter. My husband sewed it up, completely imperfectly (yet safetly), with some twine. It's not pretty, per say, but it is beautiful, imperfectly. Wabi sabi.

Just like my life.