Foaming Soap Tutorial

Requested by my friend Jen, my tutorial on how to make foaming soap!

You'll need:

A foaming soap dispenser (I buy different brands and use up their product and then reuse the container. My favorite is Kiss My Face. I think you can also buy them online, empty)

2 tbs grated soap (I'm using Dr Bronner's eucalptus) and hot water to fill the dispenser. You can also use liquid soap, watered down. (I've used shampoo, body was and dish detergent with great results. The trick is in the dilution, you want about a 1:3 ratio of soap to water, one part soap to three parts water.)

Essential oil mixture: in this case I used basil, rosemary, lavender, lime and orange. (5-6 drops each. This was WAY too much basil, I'll use 2 drops next time and increase the rosemary.)

What I do is mix this all in a glass jar before transfering to the foam dispenser. I used to mix the mixture in the dispenser, but found my ratios weren't always spot on.

Once the grated soap melts in the hot water and you're sure you like the smell and have the ratios right, pour into the foaming dispenser and you're good to go! Easy peasy and super economical! Unless like me you've spent hundreds of dollars on essential oils over the years...