Random Tuesday

I'm gonna go ahead and be random and not attribute it, but I think Random Tuesdays was The Unmom's brainchild. Check it out. (I know random Tuesday through my friend A Beautiful Wreck's blog.)

I think typing all this on my iPod is difficult enough and I am not even gonna try to provide links. So there! :p

Facebook's iPod app keeps closing, what up with that?

Watching Iron Chef America right before bed (and after dinner) = not so brilliant. Watching Mario Batali on ICA when I haven't had great Italian food in f o r e v e r??? = truely masochistic.

I decluttered my clothes closet today and it is good to have space in there again! I learned I need more dresses. Good to know! (Especially long sleeved dresses). I have a crazy abundance of skirts, that's awesome!

I really love bright colors, but I am wearing all black today (with a few accents).

I hate the cold. I bought rainbow half gloves this past weekend to try to keep my fingers from getting painful. It's only in the 50s/ 60s. Can you imagine if I lived North of here? I can, because I have. It was difficult.

I am sitting in a papasan next to the fridge, which is loud. But not loud enough to drown out the wind noise coming from the yard.

Our son has a brain ischemia that we found randomly on an MRI that I honestly thought might be a waste of time. It wasn't. He had a congential malformation or stroke sometime in his first two years.

I need to go to the dentist.

Man, I really want some Matsutake mushrooms! Damn you ICA!!!!

I love a good ball pit. I'm just saying.

-- Posted from my iPod Touch