Day 20

"This Is All Coming Down"

I'll explain to the woman walking
through our house. "We're still
in the process, excuse the mess,
getting ready to show takes time."

She knows this, she'll nod. But
she may be worried anyway,
not knowing if we can be
the types to sell a beloved

house like so much chopped liver.
If we can manage to pull of
so much put off renovation.
And so quickly. We'd like

to be done in two months. Three
is our upper limit. Moving
has become a habit, but we've
never sold before and it makes

me nervous and embarrased.
And I love this house, our house,
our home. I hate that we've left
all this detail til the end, the putting

together of the final details
that make a house shine.
We've been negligent and we're
paying for it in sweat now.

Why yes, I'm a bit nervous our realtor is doing a walk through tomorrow! We've been very busy painting and cleaning these past few weeks but it doesn't feel like enough to lift our house from the state of neglect it was in (before we bought it. It was a fixer upper that we've done a lot of structural work on.)