Day 24

This is getting harder, this NaPoWriMo. Maybe just weekends, I dunno. I feel like I'm skimping (and once again I'll skimp, because I AM GOING TO A CONCERT TONIGHT! wheee!!! It's been awhile.)

Remy is post-bath, pre-bed (and singing next to me, wrapped in a towel). Maybe that's a poem right there? Where do my poetic ideas come from, anyway. I start and stop a few times, that's normal (except for gift poems, they come out on their own).


What are you hearing right this second.
Still your body and slow your mind and listen
to the sounds inside and out. Your heart
woosh, woosh. The blood pumps along
the veins to your ears. Are there birds outside?
A refrigerated hum. Traffic in the distance,
or closer by. Listen to the sounds you're hearing,
let deep attention bring you back to yourself.