NaPoWriMo: day 4

I may start keep writing more in form this month (I'm particularly fond of Japanese forms and Villanelles... Actually, most of the French forms... Actually, most forms! LOL) But for now, since I'm poeming on my iPod Touch, I'll keep things shorter and less formal.

Also, I seem to be having writer's block today, I've been coming back to this post on and off all day. Argh.


I am giving this away. Giving away. Blessing those
who need, while I am full. This time,
I am full, brimming with secrets, plump and ripe.
Bursting at the seams to tell you my good news.
But I'll wait til the news is mine to tell, so til then
I am keeping my feet to the ground, giving away
what needs to be given in order to recieve.