I didn't really jive with with either prompt I recieved today, so I'm going out on my own:

Remy, You Are Singing

You sing in the car, while I am singing along to the radio.
You sing in the bathtub while I talk to your grandma, telling her about our days.
You sing while you're drawing. You sing while you eat your "cheerimoes."
You sing while you're walking the halls towards the speech therapy room.
You sing for joy, for comfort, for the deep love of singing.
You sing because you sing. And you sing your own song.
And all along, in the car, in the hall,
I am singing with you, even if I don't know the words,
even if you can't tell because I am talking, or reading, or eating.
I am singing. A song of love and connection. A song of deep joy.
I am singing for you, my love, because you are here, singing your songs.
And I am singing, too, because I love to sing, to let my voice
take flight in song. Because I am alive, singing my song, singing for joy.