Restart, take three

Once again, I let my blog fall by the wayside. Let me sum up:

* We got an offer on our house the second day it was on the market.
* We closed two months later.
* In between was a lot of annoyance and a lot of fun times.
* We put all our stuff in three ABF ReloCubes (awesome way to move!) and moved to New Jersey without knowing where we were moving (our stuff got shipped to Newark and then stayed there til we had an address).
* It took us about a week to be able to move in to the place we eventually found. It was less stressful than you might imagine. We stayed with family friends and had a lovely time (even went to MoMA in NYC).
* We unpacked in about a week. Plus or minus a few extraneous boxes (of books we have no space for). There's still shelf organizing to do, but I'm feeling unmotivated.
* I LOVE IT HERE!!!!!!
* We're in Bergen County. It's so close to the City. I'm verklempt with the nearness. And the food. And the awesomeness of having so much going on around us again!
* The summer weather is fantastic. I am not looking forward to winter. I need to change my attitude towards it, but find that difficult. I hate the cold.
* Living in a smaller place is great, but I have too many books still. Probably gonna go through another purge, eventually. Maybe I just need a kindle/iPad/nook/e-reader!
* We haven't been to the ocean yet, but there's a lake beach nearby that I love.
* We're deep in exploration mode, which is fun. We figured out the train to NYC last week. Yay!!!
* I'm hoping to restart this blog or a new one. I have hopes, dreams, but no concrete plans yet. That's not so good. Everything I know says "just do something" but my inertia gets hard to swim through. Consider this an attempt.