My friend Kim posted on my FB wall just now, asking why I haven't been blogging. Especially considering all the fabulous adventures we are having (in our new digs/ area)! And I wonder, too... Why am I not blogging?

That's quite a question, actually.

Because I am a writer. (I even have a degree -- a BA -- in Creative Writing, so you know at least four professors agreed with that assessment.) I love writing, love communicating via writing and reading other people's writing and commenting on their writing. I love the weight of words. I love choosing them specifically and meaningfully. I love bantering with posh, sophisticated words and I love playfully mangling SEG (standard English grammar) with gamer speak and lolcatisms. (Because all your bases really do belong to us!)

But I'm reading more than I'm writing these days. And I can hazard a guess or maybe three as to why that is, but what it really comes down to is fear.

Fear that I'll put too much of myself out here.
Fear that I'll be ignored.
Fear that I'll be too liked, get too much attention (but not the good kind).
Fear that I'll ruin this space for myself the way livejournal got ruined for me. Or rather, the way I ruined livejournal for myself.

Ah, the catch. Do I take responsibility for feeling so hurt over things that happened on livejournal last summer? Things that were said (or unsaid). Not to get into it (really) but I lost four -- no, five -- friends in three different instances. Oops. My bad. (Two of them were real life friends. And I feel particularly hurt by this still. It stings to not be important to someone who is important to you.)

There's no use crying over spilled words a year later, though. And is there any use in still being timid about taking back my online self and proclaiming my words (and --ahem-- photos) to the world? HELL FUCKING NO!

So, let me start here. Let me take back this space (for starters). And not just for Wordless Wednesdays (though I LOVE Wordless Wednesdays!)!

Let Me Take. Back. My. Sovereignty.

Because I am the only one who can write what I write. And because we are having some damn fine adventures which I will be chronicling!

So, where should I start? BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop