Our summer adventures, part 3: And then, New Jersey!

After a summer of delightful last hurrahs...

It wouldn't be summer without tubing down the river Styx!
we signed the closing papers, became officially homeless* and left on a week long road trip north to our new home, New Jersey!

We saw an old friend along the way, who pointed out these rather strange tree stumps/ babies (in South Carolina):

And we stayed a few nights near the beach in Virginia, just because the hotel was posh and we needed a little R and R:

After arriving in NJ on Wednesday, we spent a few days searching for a rental house, found one, lost it to another applicant over the weekend, then found four more the next Monday and signed a lease on Tuesday. Less than a week, from homeless to homed. Whew!

Exhausted yet? I was. So, why not go to The NY Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)?

Then we collapsed. The end.

Oh wait. Here's the back of the house we moved into the bottom floor of:

And here's one more picture of NYC, because I love it so:

I really didn't take pictures of unloading our ReloCubes bc I was too busy unloading! But we did it all in three extremely exhausting days. Then unpacked most of the house in less than a week. Because we're crazy that way.

My initial "what I love about living in NJ" post still stands, and I'll only be adding to it! We love it here!!

* Term used tongue in cheek. But it was unsettling not having our own home. Please consider the plight of those less fortunate than you and be kind to everyone you meet.