Our summer of adventure, part 2

So, once we'd gotten the house glowy, we gave our realtor the keys and left on a (in the end, useless) recon mission to find a house to buy in NJ. (We ended up putting an offer on a house that was declined.) But it was fun to spend almost a week in NJ and get to visit friends in NYC!

T and I, Prospect Park, May

Ah, well. Adventures do not always go as planned! But we had fun!

What did happen, amazingly enough on this trip, was that our house was shown to the people who (eventually) bought it. And we never had to show it to anyone else. Kinda nice, when you realize how hard keeping a house in "leave with 15 minutes notice" show quality is with a 4yo.

So, then we had two months (!) to wait til closing.

Two months in our gorgeous, declutter'd, painted, former house.

And two months til our real adventure began!

To be continued...