Random Tuesday!

* I'm taking a photography class through my local Continuing Ed program. It's giving me Ideas. Fun!
* I'm mostly gluten free and vegetarian these days. Gluten free seems to help with my um, digestive issues and being a pescatarian/ vegetarian makes me feel emotionally better. But I am not being strict about either (yet). That may change. We'll see!
* Cupcakes make it hard to go completely gluten free. (AFAIK, the cupcake shops down the street from us do not have gluten free options.)
* No! Sleep! Til! Brooklyn!
* I randomly get song lyrics stuck in my head when I'm talking to people. Mike was just describing the new episode of the Simpsons when that popped in there. I <3 The Beastie Boys.
* Hooping = my new true love. I'll start posting more about it soon.