Time to stand up!

You've likely seen the Dan Savage YouTube video. (OK, I haven't been able to make myself watch it yet because even looking at the links on my FB wall makes me cry.)

The message is simple. Direct. Honest.

"It will get better."

This is as true if you're a picked on gay/ lesbian/ bi/ trans/ queer middle/high schooler or a sleep-deprived new parent. No matter how much life sucks, it will get better. It will. It is the nature of life.

Here's another piece of the puzzle: we need to stop and look at ourselves. Are we part of the problem? Are our kids (or are we) contributing to the bullying that is killing people? I hope no one who reads my blog is consciously making that choice, but listen to your words. Some of the things we use as short hand colloquial terms are hurtful.

"I am such a retard." "That's so gay." "What a gyp!" "Don't be a girl." "You're such a baby!" "

I hear and read these words often. Too often.

It's time to stand up. Stop the bullying! Listen to the words we use and our kids use. Listen to the words around us and speak up if someone says something they don't realize is hurtful!

Most of all, it's time to be real.

I am not perfect!You are not perfect. Let's not pretend anymore. Let's not let the disease called perfectionbe the catalyst that drives someone else to think they are alone in their misery and imperfection anymore!

Spread love, not hate. Be the peace you seek. And please, please, please, even when you feel the most lowdown you have ever felt, remember this: IT DOES GET BETTER. Always.