Where to begin?

I got a call: "New Jersey." It felt like the world fell off my shoulders in almost that one instant. Moving to New Jersey? Felt so right, like a gift handed to me.

Then we waited. Details, details, details. Couldn't be sure, so we kept it under wraps, sorta. But we had to start preparing.

We painted our kitchen together, over a weekend, with a lot of help from some very good friends. But we realized there was so much left to be done, we couldn't finish it, so we hired someone to paint the rest and do the final things to put our house (our sweet, sweet, house) together, in order to sell it.

It sucked. Every room, painted? Every room, cleared of furniture (or piled in the middle.

Oh, and we hired someone else to refinish the kitchen floor (to buff out the spots that were uncovered when we took out the peninsula that ate up half the room). What a mess! Dust, paint, packing (we put about almost half of our stuff in storage in order to show our house properly).

It was messy and annoying and we got through it because we just had to, we had to make this new life for ourselves and selling our old house was a huge step in that direction.

We got an offer the second day our house was on the market. And we took it and (almost) never looked back. Our adventure was starting! I might miss these azaleas next spring, though.