Hooping = Love

About a month ago, we had dinner at my friend Maria's house. Maria, who is awesome, let me try her hula hoop (sized and made specifically for adults, unlike the ones you buy in the kids' section of a toy store).

At first, I flailed. Oh boy, did I flail! I've always thought one spun the hoop around, in more of a spinning motion (but since I couldn't figure out the rhythm, my whole body would jerk, trying to catch the hoop. No! Wrong! Obviously I suck at hooping!

But luckily, my husband, who is also awesome, picked up the hoop and seeing how much I wanted to get the hang of it, showed me his moves. (Betcha didn't know all the bar mitzvah boys in Northern CA in the 80s had hooping contests at their coming of age parties, didya? Well, now you do!)

10 (*ahem* maybe 30) minutes later, I was addicted. And thus, a hooper was born.