I have not fallen off the planet, I just don't have a good plan!

I've never really had a plan for blogging. I started blogging as a creative expression and a means of communication and (especially on livejournal) for a social outlet. I'm a writer (and now a photographer) and I "live my life outloud" (which just sounds like something that's been said before, hence the quotes).

But until this last year, I never really gave much though to having a plan or going pro.

Sure, there was a moment, back in 2008 (or so), that my souster (soul sister) Daisybones and I had an inkling of an inkling of an idea for a "real" (read, "not personal" read, make money, win fans) blog. We started a cool blog (Wabi Sabi Mamas) but it floundered. Big time. I wasn't ready. (At all.)

Souster went on to do really awesome stuff with her own
blog (and you should check her etsy, too!)!

Me, I'm still floundering. I gave up
on LJ last year and decided to give this blog another chance (and I like it!) but I also started reading problogger and other meta-blogs (blogs that are about blogging). And I vacillate between, do I want to try to up my blogging game or do I want to have this stay my own personal creative, communicative haven. (Or both?)

I'm on the precipice of an answer (but it's been brewing for awhile, so no breath holding). I will be 36 in a month and a half and I am excited. It feels like change has been in the air for awhile, and I am finally going to be settling in and receiving my "rewards" for the hard personal work I've had to do these past few shitty years.

It's a beautiful day to be alive: