My Decluttering/ Simplicity journey

So, Karol over at Ridiculously Extraordinary had a 72 hour sale earlier this week (which is now over, sorry for not blogging about this earlier!) and I got in on it. I've been reading minimalist blogs now for awhile (including Zen Habits, one of my absolute favorite blogs ever). The sale had a bunch of ebooks I've been wanting to read, so I've been happily enjoying them!

I will admit right here, I'm not a minimalist.

(My mom is either laughing or shaking her head right now. Compared to my teenage self, I am a minimalist, actually. But not really. I like color explosions and artful messes.)

Still, I've been a fan of Flylady for nearly 10 years (um, really? Maybe 9. I had graduated college, that much I'm sure of). She changed my life, in actuality. I'm not exaggerating. I don't follow the rules completely (I do not, nor will I ever wear my shoes in the house all day), but flylady taught me how to not hoard and that was an important first step for me.

When we started realizing moving here was a possibility, I started a new decluttering project (it'd been awhile). I gave away so many bags and carloads of stuff to Goodwill last spring, the guys taking donations knew me on sight.

I gave away my wedding dress (blessings of love to whomever buys it!). I gave away boxes of books and almost every single baby product we had (three strollers, a cosleeper, boxes of clothes, toys and the bouncy seat and swing and more).

And still. There are things in my house I know are not necessary. (They are either beautiful or sentimental or "hopes." As in, I hope I get around to making some cool beaded medallions for my bellydance costuming. I hope I can eventually get my act together and start selling my wares on etsy again.)


Still, I'm not sure I'll ever be a minimalist. I'm too arty to not have a million craft projects tucked away. (I try not to let them slide too long, but I am a lousy finisher.)

Still, simplicity calls me. And in many ways, I know I'm close, at least, to living my ideal simple life. But, I feel like I'm needing to declutter again. There just isn't as much space here (we moved from 1750 sq feet to @ 950 -1000. Plus we lost our porch).

Sadly, I don't feel able to get rid of furniture (too useful). But the little things, my books, my junk. That's gonna get a makeover soon.

Many thanks, Karol! Your sale reinvigorated my personal search for simplicity. Or minimalism.

And maybe this time I can let go of some more of those hopes that are holding me back. Those are the toughest things of all.

How would you start? Is there anything you've been hoping to get around to that it's time to let go of? Are you ready to join me in an October decluttering spree?