October, already!

Ah, fall.

I was worried when we moved that fall might start the downward SAD spiral that has affected me in the past. I've been taking vitamin D3 (amongst other things) in an effort to let fall and winter be a happier time of year for me.

So far, this mostly seems to be working. I haven't had a noticeable slide yet, though there have been a few rough grey days...

Photography has been helping, though, I think. Documenting the *wow*fast*amazing* changing of the leaves on our backyard maple tree. Slowing myself down to see. To really see. There's so much beauty in this world. Right here. Right now.

Yes, this is fall. And it's gorgeous. And I'm happy for this season, for once, happy to be able to bundle up on the colder days and still break out my sandals if it's sunny.

I'm even (oh my gosh, could it really be true?) looking forward to this winter, when Remy will see his first *real* snow fall. That will be a beautiful sight. A happy mama moment, for sure.

But you know I'll still be wearing more layers than anyone else! I've gotta stay warm! That's just me being me.