Instead of doing something important or shoulding myself into cleaning because the kitchen floor is horrendous, right now I am going to turn off my inner critic (love you, night, night!) and just. be. real.

Caption: I have too much passion to even try to be perfect. (Too small to see clearly: But if I'm honest, I try. And it sucks.)

My entry for the Perfect Protest: late because I am not perfect!

Also taken on my cell phone cam bc I took a few on my DSLR and then decided I'd rather do it quick and dirty. So. Not. Perfect.

And showing off my messy outfit and messy kitchen because guess what? Perfect doesn't have a place in this life that I am living (and loving)!

Although I did do seven loads of laundry today (and folded/ put away all but the diapers and clothes to be dyed). GO ME!

Perfect isn't realistic but awesome is. Most definitely!

Instead of defining ourselves by our imperfections (or trying desperately to fit into a perfect mold), how about we celebrate our wabi-sabi? Our "perfectly imperfect" true selves.

So, give yourself a shout out! Come on! Whatcha got? Bring it! You know you rock!