Crunch Time?

The good news:

* I have managed to write for NaNoWriMo everyday.

* Remy finally started preschool at his new (public) school yesterday and it's amazing! He's going on the bus and seems to have spontaneously decided to start using the bathroom full time! :Swoon:

* Autumn is still blowing my mind with all the crazygorgeous color. My photography has ramped up five notches in the last few weeks!

* The Bronx Zoo is one of my favorite places around. We've been going a lot.

The Bad News:

* I have 38,572 words left to write out of 50,000 for NaNoWriMo. Um. Yeah. I can do it, but I'm finding it very hard to want to finish. I'm still plugging away, writing every day, regardless of how much (in the "do it anyway" method of thought) but it's not getting me very far.

* We've had an intense sort of month or two. Remy had 6 cavities filled (under general anesthesia). I'm feeling like things are sort of settling, what with him going to school and all, but... I hate thinking that, because it's bound to turn on me.

* Winter is starting to peek around the corners and that and the sunset coming this early in the day is freaking me out a little.

* The zoo is not going to be (for me) a winter friendly activity. A lot of favorite exhibits are closed for the season already. The NY Aquarium is not as cool as I'd like. But Remy enjoyed it:

Note: I am hopelessly addicted to a new (to me) free app on my iPod touch called Instagram. All images in this post were shot on my DSLR and then post processed in Instagram. I love it, but I know it could get old fast! But seriously, how awesome: