More Random Things About Me...

Despite having had this blog for an awfully long time (since 2002? 2001? Though I neglected it for the majority of that time, in favor of LJ), I'm not sure my posts make a lot of sense unless you (the reader) actually know me (in part because when I started this page, I still owned a very information-intense personal website where one could, in very short time, find out ALL about me).

Let me begin to rectify the situation (and dispense with the parentheticals, already!) with ten (more) random things about me:

1. Yael is my Hebrew name, which I picked for myself in 1997/98, 3-4 years before I actually converted to Judaism.

2. For a while, I planned on "eventually" changing my name legally (to Alexis Yael) but over the years I've come to be happier with it as a nom de plume. I'm proud of my birth name (and yes, proudly kept my own name, not changing it when I got married).

3. I didn't really have a reason to let my domain lapse, it just seemed silly to keep it live without doing a huge renovation and I just didn't have the time.

4. It's a unique enough domain I'm pretty sure I can renew it eventually. Or not. LOL

5. The name "Yael" is deeply symbolic to me, and very much part of me, but it also doesn't feel like my first name, I always use it as a last name of sorts: Alexis Yael. Or as one name: alexisyael (always uncapitalized that way, and most times uncapitalized the other way, too. Can you guess that I love e.e. cummings and bell hooks? And not just for their works, which are, btw, awesome!)

5a. The most common name I am called (and my favorite general public nickname) is Lexie.

5b. I really like nicknames. Especially really weird unique ones. I have nicknames for most of my friends, even the online ones.

6. I'm really weird, in a wide variety of ways that maybe aren't weird at all when you figure me out.

7. I think that's probably true for many people. Or at least, geeky people!

8. I feel bad there's no photographs in this post, so here's one of me in my late teens/ early twenties:

9. I find it really amusing when people find out something new about me and are boggled. Like, "You're a poet, AND you belly dance?" Or: "You lived (for a year) on a commune while you were growing up?" It's like watching someone put together a puzzle and I am happy for them, figuring it (me) out.

10. I had the coolest loft bed ever when we lived in the Creamery commune. I was 7 or 8 (?) and it was truly an awesome, hand built (with driftwood rails) by my half-sister's dad, triple bunk bed and as the oldest kid, I had the top. Top of the world, seriously.

Then we moved into a school bus for awhile. Cool in retrospect, that's for sure. I have serious hippy-child creds. For reals. But even hippy-children can dream of having a fairy tale wedding, and I had mine. In Bolinas. Not that I'll ever tell you how to get there ;-)

My hippie-child creds won't allow me to breach that etiquette boundary. But I'm sure there's a wiki page about it. Somewhere. Unless they took it down...