An impromptu snow day!

Due to the school bus not arriving at our house this morning, we are having a snow day!

Triptych from my last photowalk at the New Jersey Botanical Gardens... Oh, I love that place!

Which, in our case, means waiting for Fed Ex (yay!! A new desktop computer!) and lots of Diego, Dora et al. Those Nick Jr cartoon people really know what they're doing, Remy loves their shows passionately. Cute animals? Songs? Learning new languages? (Including English, Remy also enjoys learning Spanish. He can now count to 10. He's learned many new words / concepts through his favorite shows.) Remy loves it all!

A fun edit for a cell phone pic I took of Remy playing Scrabble.

I'm sure we will soon be playing games and (after Fed Ex delivers my new computer!) we may even walk to the book store to play with their train table. (Ah, memories: when Remy was two, we would sometimes go to a bookstore train set 2x a day! He was that obsessed. It was mostly fun, except for the times it wasn't. LOL)

This was my FB "Wordless Wednesday yesterday. Yes, that's me, pre-kid. I think this was taken in Spring '04: my dance friend Valizan and I performing at a wedding reception in Toronto.

Then later tonight, I'm trying a brand new dance class! No, not belly dancing (but I am going to talk to the studio owner about the possibility of my maybe starting to teach again! Eeep! She's also a belly dancer, but I do a different style :D)

And I have a new tutorial post in the works, and a related Lexie-made giveaway! My first! Very exciting times, peeps. Very exciting!