House Hunting...

So, we are now (officially?) house hunting again. Looking for a house to buy. Because most of the houses in our price range would be short sales/ bank owned, we need to give ourselves a wider margin of time to close. Plus, last time we looked for a house, it took us a month or two to find one we liked. (In Mobile.)

This market is so different, though. We already (after looking at 3 houses) have a potential house we may make an offer on.

We'll look at 2-3 other houses tomorrow and think on it a bit more.

We have time. We know what we like and what we can handle, fixer-up wise.

I really like house hunting. It's so much more fun than selling a house (although the end result of selling certainly was also nice!).

Cute, huh?

The not-so-cute water damage on the kitchen ceiling. Which was not (by even a long shot) as bad as I'd thought it would be.

More cute...

More of that peeling wall paper...

And so it goes.