It is so hard to believe that it's only been since mid/ late September that I learned to hoop! Since then, hooping has become such a big part of my life (not quite to the obsessional point that belly dance is, but I've had many many many more years as a belly dancer! So, of course I'm more knowledgeable/ opinionated about it!)

One thing that always helps get me into a new obsession is learning the lingo:

The first measurement of a hoop is the outside diameter. That's how big the hoop is from the bottom to the top when you measure it. Some websites advise starting with a hoop that comes to three fingers below your belly button. For me, that would be about 35"! Other websites advise starting with a 40-42" hoop and that is (inadvertently) what I did.

The next measurement of a hoop tells you the type of tubing used. There are many options. For beginners, the most common tubing to start with is polyethylene (black irrigation tubing). It comes in many sizes, the most common are probably 100 psi 1/2" and 160 3/4".

I started off hooping on a (borrowed) 42" PE hoop. I am fairly sure it was a 100 psi 1/2" tube.
The first hoop I bought (a 40" hoop with white and purple tape) is a 160 psi 3/4" tube. It's fat and heavy. (Since the diameter is smaller, it was also faster than the 42" hoop.) But the 40" was definitely working better for me.

Almost immediately, I knew I wanted a smaller hoop. I had given the original hoop back to her owner and my fat hoop was fun but I needed something faster and lighter (and less bruise-causing! LOL)
Originally inspired by The Happy Hoop, I started thinking about HDPE and polypro. I admit, I was a little afraid of polypro, but HDPE seemed to be a great mid-way alternative.

At the end of december, I took the plunge and ordered a 36" HDPE hoop from Sacred Flame. It arrived yesterday and it is spectacular!!!! The size is just right for me to adjust to. I spent a good thirty minutes hooping with it yesterday and was dropping it less and less.

I'm actually thinking I may be headed towards a smaller diameter. And towards polypro sooner rather than later. I definitely appreciate the responsiveness and quickness of this hoop!
Plus it has really cute little sugar skulls on it. Seriously, that's a Lexielicious hoop!