One of the hardest aspects about blogging for me since the advent of Facebook/ my step away from livejournal is that everything I write publicly online is so scattered. There's no archives. (I can google myself but blech. How very 2003 would that be?)

One of livejournal's great strengths is its archives. And tags, which I unfortunately never utilized in an organized enough fashion... A trend I continue on this blog. I haven't really blogged consistently enough here to need an archive yet, but there is one and it's decent enough.

I hate how Facebook has no archives. Hate. It. That's one huge reason to step away from Facebook and move back to blogging.

One thing that's been in my way is that I love the community on Facebook. I get much more comments on Facebook than here. (It's much harder and annoying to comment on blogs; I get that, I have that myself. It's annoying for me to comment on my own blog. The UI is not as easypeasy as Facebook. And that's not even getting into the whole mobile thing. (Livejournal and blog commenting is not fun on my iPod touch.) And I love how photos and links and status updates are separated. I personally find it all very tidy and organized and love that aspect of Facebook a lot.

But Facebook is not a blog. As much as I sort of use it for blog lite purposes it is not. (And frankly, just like every single person I know, I'm getting sick of the ongoing security issues of the constant Facebook updates.)

Ugh. I don't feel like I've found a good solution. Maybe there's an app I don't know of that will make blog commenting on my iPod touch a breeze. (The Livejournal app is getting better, but currently about 75% of my comments aren't posting. Not. Cool.) Maybe the answer is getting a new laptop/ desktop. Maybe switching to wordpress will make everything awesome.

Or maybe the answer is to just write, to let the words flow out of me, to find my stride organically and not worry myself with worrying about it and just do it.