Finally, a sunny day!

It's been bleary for awhile now:
Drab. Dull. Grey.

The snow on the streets is getting dirtier, til new snow falls (and there's been much new snow) then that white snow dirtied quickly, too.

And it had been too long since we had a sunny day.

Today was my day: blue skies. Sunshine. Yeah, it was still cold (high of maybe 36?) but the sky gave me that old sunshiny feeling. So, I photowalked to the library:

These white limbed trees were impressive:

That blue peeking through just makes me happy.

Red. Not a lot of that around, either.

There's just something dreamy about blur.

Maybe I go a little overboard, but I love it:

Blue sky. Bare trees. Snow. Winter.

Buds waiting for warmer days to unfurl...

Sunflare! Oh, so pretty!

Loving this tree.

And the crazy, sculptural ice.

Definitely a great day for a photowalk!

What's beautiful in your neighborhood these days?