Pictures from my photowalk on Wednesday...

I knew as soon as I'd taken this photo above that it was going to be amazing, just as I'd imagined it before I took it. I am still blown away, when I see it full screen. Wow.
 I do so love the blur right now... and it seems to fit in with these grasses so well (they are the same kind as the ones I took on my last downtown photowalk, but in a different location).
I wasn't sure how this puddle would turn out... but I mostly got what was intriguing me about it, so I guess it turned out good!

I am aiming for at least one photowalk a week, if not more. Oh, how I love them! (I'd also love to try my hand at street photography, which is specifically taking pictures of strangers on the street, but I haven't been able to muster up my courage to take/ post pictures of people yet... although there may be people in some of my blurred shots:
Yeah, no people. Courage is definitely needed!