So, if you've come and looked at my blog more than once in the last day, you may have seen some of the in-progress changes that were made as I redesigned... sorry for the mess, but look where it led us! Pretty, n'est pas?

I tried about 40 different layouts. Where should the RSS widget go? Do I keep the side bars or move them to the bottom? I really played around with it, until I felt it looked "right" (to me, at this moment in time).

I'm really pleased with it: simple, but beautiful. Wabi sabi. That's what I was going for. (The one element I'm still not entirely pleased with is the RSS feed widget. I have it at the top because it's important, I want people to subscribe, that's my main focus right now. BUT... I'd rather have a bar of simple options. I have to figure that out, though.) I changed where the RSS feed button was, once I added the etsy widget over there. I like it much better this way!

And then the header. I decided to use the same image as my etsy banner (though this one has been "holga-ized" in post processing a bit... and now I want to do that with my etsy banner). I like the continuity. (I'll also be adding an etsy widget asap).

I also went back to the last reincarnation of my blog subtitle: this wabi sabi life. (My last banner inspired me to change it to "words from a wabi sabi hammock"). I added the ellipses because, well, that's where I am right now: ... Still finishing my thoughts, I guess... plus, we haven't been able to hang our hammock up since we moved (and I miss it).

"Wabi-sabi" has been part of my life for a long time. Usually used as a design term, "wabi sabi" for me implies much more of a way of life. (My design sense is much more colorful than the traditional wabi-sabi aesthetic. Though I love many things about minimalism, I would be remiss if I didn't acknowledge that I crave explosive color and bright designs. However, that can be done simply, too.) Like Brené Brown's book, The Gifts of Imperfection, wabi sabi celebrates our imperfection. Wabi sabi celebrates the seasons, the turning and the endlessness of time. Wabi sabi describes where I am, and moreso, where I want to be.

All this to say: thank you for coming here and reading my words and looking at my photographs. I hope that my redesign pleases your senses as much as it pleases mine (and if it does not, please be kind when you critique and I will happily take your thoughts into consideration, as I definitely feel my blog design is an ongoing evolution).