Saturday Duldrums...

It didn't occur to me until late afternoon that the reason my mood today was rather on edge is that it has been too long since I've had a photowalk. Am I really that much of an addict? No. It's just that it's a nice bit of "me time" that also involves being outside and (in the case of my Saturday mornings) also some adult female friendship time. Sans kidlets. Oh so wonderful.

Anyhoo, last week was "February recess" for my son's preschool, and my friend that I normally go photoing with on Saturdays couldn't last week (and today my wonderful husband woke up feeling sick, and we hadn't scheduled a photowalk anyway, because my friend's daughter's birthday party was supposed to be today but got canceled because the birthday girl was throwing up sick all day yesterday).

Blah blah blah. No photowalk = sad Lexie. Even though events were basically out of my control.

I brought out my camera today anyway. though I was not entirely feeling it. (In fact, I definitely feel on the verge of being sick myself. I'm hoping an early bedtime and plenty of water/ emergenC will help me not get the gunk that's going around. But I'm mostly resigned to getting it. Sigh.) Out of 45 pictures, I think I like 3. Maybe 4.

Maybe that's just the sick talking. Oh, it is not going to be a good night, I can tell.

On that note, I am getting off the computer. quickly. I am sorry for this yucky post. Thankfully, the internet cannot pass along my germs!