Technical woes...

Last week, I dropped my iPod touch and shattered it.

I am totally blaming my not blogging for almost a week on that cracked screen. Despite the fact that I also have a netbook and a totally rad (fast) new desktop. LOL I really mostly blog on my iPod (could you tell?) because it is super duper easy to post pictures and also a lot of the pictures I like to post are processed on my iPod. And because often I am most creative at night so I do a lot of blogging then.

Anyway, what happened is this: first I dropped the iPod (and then, even more tragically, I broke my French Press, but that's another story and I didn't take a picture of it, it was far too tragic. The replacement beaker gets here today...) Then, I ordered a replacement screen on amazon. Did you know you can do that? I am so linking to it, if I set up an amazon affiliate. Seriously. Awesome.

Except... now the screen is not cracked but the home button no longer works. Which means to quit applications, I have to power off the iPod. (Obviously that's not cool, and I am going to replace the screen just as soon as I get the balls to do the simple test -- which requires taking the new screen off and hooking the old one up -- that they asked me to do first. Sigh. I did it once. But I took off an *already cracked* screen. And cracked it more in the process. So, I'm pretty sure taking the screen off will crack it and then I'll need a new one, even if my home button does then work, and then I'll have to pay for it myself. Le. Sigh.)

Anyway. I'm so blaming my lack of updating on that. Sure. Yeah. Not the fact that I was in a funk last week (after the glorious day of sunshine, it got chillier and sleeted/ rained and blah blah blah). Not the fact that after I got over my funk, I had an absolutely amazing inspiration (which I am at least partially attributing to Mondo Beyondo, oh my goodness, I love this program! PS: this is also not an affiliate link, but I'm also going to set one up eventually. Yes!) and well, long story short, I am embarking on a new project. Which I will blog about later, and at great length. Because it is going to be amazing and I am going to need your support!

So, that's my week in a very-shortened-for-blogging-purposes nutshell. How was your week?
I am getting sick of this snow. But it's still pretty, when it's new...

And btw, since breaking things always happens in threes (and yes, that's a silly superstition, kinda like people getting pregnant in threes and celebrities dying in threes... and wow, everything else that happens in threes!) I also broke the glass of a frame we bought at IKEA to house one of our art-prints. (A gorgeous batik mermaid that we bought at the Fairhope Art Festival a few years ago before we moved. I'd link you to the festival, but they apparently do not have their own website, what the heck?) Luckily, all this glass I broke was pretty easy to replace and I didn't cut myself on any of it. Whew!

And while we're talking about strange things, my husband found a peanut M&M that had an A on it. A&M. Like us. And it was sort of heartshaped. He very kindly held it up so I could photograph it. Apparently, M&Ms don't photograph well at night.

Still, you can see it, right?

My funny valentine, indeed <3