This is a love letter...

This is a love letter to you. For supporting me when I was on my knees, crying.
For bringing me sushi and kissing me when I thought I'd never be kissable again.
For holding my hand and trying to keep me distracted when our baby was being born.
This is a love letter to you, my love, because after sixteen and a half years,
the flames still burn deep within me for you. Only you. And even when I'm mad
or locked deep within my own swirling world, there's always you at the end.
Til the wonderful, strange, deepening, scintillating, crazy-deep-love end.
And I am letting you know, again, that when you fall to your knees, I'll be there.
And when you feel unkissable, I'll be there to kiss you. And when your hand
is shaking and things are hard and getting harder, I'll be there, too, to hold you.
This is a love letter to you and a love letter to us. Because our love works
best when we are a team, together in our intensities and partnered in our flaming desire.