We're finishing up our session of Mondo Beyondo. It's been amazing. Ah. Maze. Ing. All this creative flourishing and finishing and growing I've been doing? Is part of this mondo beyondo work I'm doing...

One of our last prompts (or perhaps it is the last prompt?) is this: write a list of what you trust (well, they prompted "dare to believe" but I wrote "trust" which is just how my brain works... I change things as I go).

Let's do it, shall we? (These are transcribed from my personal journal. I wrote them in purple ink as I sat waiting for the school bus this afternoon.)

I trust that spring will come.
I trust that M loves me. All of me.
I trust that I am ok.
I trust that we will find our right place.
I trust that Remy is who he is and is going to grow up in his own way.
I trust love.
I trust that full scale catastrophe may happen, but that it doesn't do any good to worry about it beforehand.
I trust that I am beautiful for real.
I trust that we have enough.
I trust that my art is real.
I trust that we are going to travel a lot.
I trust that if my kickstarter project gets funded, it will kick ass!!! [I am about a week away from launching my project!!!!!!!! Just need to shoot and edit a video about it!]
I trust that life is beautiful.
I trust that warmth is coming.
I trust that we make our own paths.
I trust that all my decisions have led me to today.
I trust that every time I fall, someone (maybe even me)  will help pick me up.
I trust that I will fall. That I will fail. And that at the end, I will die and the circle will be complete.
I trust the unfolding.

[Photos are from yesterday, also while sitting and waiting for the school bus. Three variations in focus.]