A Day "Off"

I took a day* "off" today, which really has no meaning to anyone but me, since I, um, am trying to am running my own business here... It's not like I have to ask my boss or anything.

I just needed to sit and read a book. And journal. And get outside and fool around with my camera. And play "sailboats" with Remy, which was awesome (and new for him). Anything but stand** in front of the computer all morning!

I didn't check my stats (I've gotten a tad obsessive, which is not good for me).

I mostly stayed away from Facebook.

I didn't force myself to check twitter***.

I didn't play Scrabble on my iPod.

I just read a book. (An old favorite: The Summer Tree by Guy Gavriel Kay. And then started the next in the trilogy, The Wandering Fire.) A real, hardcover edition. Glorious.

And then when Remy got home, I felt so much more able to be present with him.

I know it's hard to do, but taking a day off now and again is one of the best ways I know to recharge.

What would you do on your day off? How can you make that happen, within the confines of your life as it exists?
* Really, a half day. Though I was able to keep reading while Remy played, except when we played together/ ate/ etc...

** Our desktop is on a counter, I actually prefer standing up when I work, except I hate the tile floors... So I added a floor mat, it seems to be helping. Wearing my faux crocks also helps.

*** I really wish I liked twitter more. I'm trying again. I like some things about it a lot. But I hate never bring all the way caught up! I'm OCD like that...