Energy, grief and wondering when we will learn...

So, it doesn't end at the earthquake, at the tsunami.

There is so much pain there, so much suffering, but it does not end.

The reactors, shutting down. Melting. Radiating.

All for energy. For light.

When we will learn? When we will figure this simple truth out: if we build something we cannot contain, that can destroy, that will leak and cause harm, it will. There are gaps that cannot be mended. There are penalties paid that should never have been wagered.

I am afraid for us all.

And yet, there is light. There is spring, coming. There are people, rebuilding (and being moved, out of radiation's way). Fear does not have to control me. Fear cannot undo me, if I do not let it.

In the darkest hour, there is a turning.

In our darkest days, there will be a turning. I am counting on it. I am praying. Let us turn. Let us turn.

Let us please, please turn.