This morning I woke up and it was snowing.

 To say I was shocked, is an understatement. Last week, it was almost beach weather and today it was snowing. I am used to sudden swings in weather (growing up in the San Francisco bay area, we could have 20 degree swings in one day) but the addition of snow is a different story altogether. Snow equals cold. Cold equals me not being warm. That's hard for me.

But beautiful, at least.
Today was also fabulous in other ways, so it's easier at this moment to tune out the momentary cold (we have a predicted afternoon high of 56°) and be happy anyway. 
In fact, I'm bouncing because of all my overflowing good news today.

First, this weekend I was selected for inclusion in five different etsy treasuries. I am honored to be included with such fine work! I am especially grateful for my fellow etsians who are stepping up and offering their art as a way to help Japan. I feel called to this work. I am glad others do, too. 

Secondly, on a more intense and personal level, we made an offer on a house, and as of this morning, our offer has been accepted (by the seller, the bank will still have to approve, for it is a "short sale"). Buying a house is a weird process. We've done it once, and I know we will find our way through the more complicated process that is New Jersey real estate. I'm looking forward to being able to paint and personalize. I'm looking forward to more space and a backyard of our own (and a place to hang our hammock again!). I'm looking forward to transition, even though it is likely to be rougher than I anticipate. Because this is how we move forward. This is us, finding our path. 

And being on this amazing path with my beloved and our beautiful son is really all that I could ask from life. 

I am blessed. Even when it snows.