Gearing up for National Poetry Month...

Last year, in April, I challenged myself to do "NaPoWriMo" (or National Poetry Writing Month), which is like NaNoWriMo, only with, you know, poetry. And in April. I found it to be a very good exercise (and actually gave me a few poems I really, really like... which reminds me, I really do need to start sending out my poetry again. Or something. Sigh.)

So, I am definitely going to be participating again this year, although I may not end up posting everyday. And also, fair warning: I do write some haiku. And not necessarily with the rules you learned in grammar school.
(To clarify, I don't only write haiku. I write mostly freeverse, actually. And some formal poetry, on occasion. But haiku is a form that speaks to -- through -- me, and I like it. And I was facetiously "warning" you, because poetry so does not hurt... Except when it does.)

The blog's about to get a little poetic, y'all. Just givin' you fair warning!

I'll add some photos here and there, to keep it pretty...

For now, a taste:

Bitter at first, then
slowly melting into my
aura, you quiver.