Keeping it together...

Like many oldest/ only children, I have a love/ hate relationship with "keeping it together."

We literally cannot go to the library without me straightening up.

On the one hand? I do. I (mostly) keep my shit together. I haven't gone on a bender, called any radio shows telling people how I cure stuff with my mind (or whatever it is Charlie Sheen is saying these days... I really am trying hard not to pay attention to this, but Funny or Die is making it hard. Jerry O'Connell's Charlie Sheen impression is high-lar-ious.)

On the other hand, I think it sucks that we all have so much societal pressure to "keep it together." I mean, can't we all just go on Spring Break and go on a tequila bender and throw up in a random flower pot after? Doesn't that sound fun? (Minus the throwing up part.)

Maybe I am not letting lose enough. I did a tequila shot after dinner last night (well, I sipped it. Good tequila tastes too good to throw back -- OMG, listen to me! This is really how I think!) and it made me so tired I went to bed at 8. I can guarantee Charlie Sheen (who is much older than I am) is not falling asleep after one shot. I wasn't drunk, though, I was just tired. Possibly Charlie Sheen is not the SAHM (with no nanny) mom of a four year old. Oh, yeah. That's probably it.

I did not buy this in Mexico, but it reminds me of that gorgeous bright country! Yay, so excited to go back!

I'm going to Mexico next month (for my littlest sister's wedding), if I ever get my shit in gear ("keep it together") and book my effing flight. It's actually good I haven't done it yet, because I just found out yesterday that April break for my kid is that week... and if I left on the day I was originally going to leave, we'd need an all day babysitter. Which is ridiculously expensive.

All in all, yes. I need to let loose. I need a day off from responsibility. (Even my creativity had become responsible, since I'm trying to sell my photos/ make money. That's just redonkulous!)

A spring break like bender isn't really in my cards, though. (I bet you're not surprised it never was. That's just not how I roll.)

Instead, I'll go read a trashy book. Or watch gLee online. And try to drink some alcohol that doesn't make me fall asleep. Just for me.

It definitely says something about me that those are my "let loose" ideas. Yeah. Oldest child. Right here.