Rock and Roll

One of my friends is running a sweet "contest" on the theme of The History of Rock and Roll.

This one is already a rock star, too...
To say I am excited would be dissembling... Rock and Roll is in my blood, my veins, my very foundation. (And yet, I did not listen to it much as a child, which is what this contest is seeking to rectify.... my friend's young son professed to not know who the Beatles were and I joined her in gasping in horror.) Most of my memories are attached to a rock music soundtrack and I even married a musician for eff's sake! His band once opened for Dweezil Zappa's band, true facts. He is, was and always will be a rock star to me. Minus the binging and the groupies ;-) 

And as a dancer, music is my medium. My body is just another instrument, the vehicle to make the music visable. One reason I am digging hoop dancing so much is the chance to leap into new musical genres in my performance dancing (not that I am anywhere near close to being able to perform hooping, but I can dream and practice). There are many belly dancers that perform to non-traditional music (and I suppose I am one of them) but I just do not feel called to undulate and shimmy to Rage Against the Machine. RAtM requires a different sort of movement in my body.

Still, as excited as I am by this challenge (a YouTube history of Rock and Roll playlist), I haven't found my hook in yet. Where do I start? If I were to go back too far (West African music, which gave us the blues and R&B. Country music which evolved from folk music from the British isles ...) I would be weighing "ancient history" more heavily, and really, what kid is expected to know about the history of the guitar (and similar instruments) as a instrument "of the people?" That's a University level class (and a good one, in fact). 

I want to stay more on topic. And keep this list on a more personal level, because truely, that is what music is to me: personal. The first time I listened to the entire Peter Gabriel album, Shaking the Tree? The meaning of The Beatles in my personal lexicon? Going to see The Violent Femmes with the B52s? Those are the memories I want to pass on (with some editing, of course, no need for TMI). 

But to encompass an actual history of rock music and stay semi-personal? Challenging. Very very challenging...

Only one way to begin: jump in and just start! (That is just as true for this task as it is for any... "Just Do It" may have started as a Nike commercial slogan, but it is a valid life lesson. Just. Do. It. Start now because this is the only moment you have available.)

So, what rock songs do you think are essential? What would you add to the play list? (You can, of course, join me in making one, since the contest is open to everyone.)

(I will update with the actual playlist after I am done. It may take a few days...)